Avide is a professional and dynamic company focused on customising, delivering and maintaining highest quality Moodle implementations and SCORM compliant courseware.

We have also created CourseSuite, a suite of rapid in-browser course authoring tools that allow you to get your content online fast.

Implementations, courses, themes

Our friendly and professional team has more than fifteen years’ experience developing eLearning solutions and our skills and expertise are showcased throughout our products. We facilitate and develop for new Moodle builds, migrations and upgrades. We also build quality courses, ensuring compliance with SCORM and HTML5 standards as well as creating custom designed Moodle themes and plugins, and can provide custom programming or feature development if required. Our specialities include implementations for corporate, medical and RTO elearning.


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Advice, consulting

Avide also offer advice and professional consulting for your elearning needs, and project oversight and management for your elearning project. Whether you are new to elearning, or are seeking to transition your legacy LMS to something more up to date, our consulting services can help smooth your elearning journey. Contact us for more information.

Partnerships and hosting

We work with many LMS platform providers to ensure our content works consistently and seamlessly across all modern platforms and browsers. Avide has worked closely with our preferred LMS platform providers to deliver superior industry leading eLearning implementations, and overcome any shortcomings of a platform.

We have also developed an outstanding professional partnership with Intellex server hosting services whose professional standards, exceptional technical capabilities, security-focus, and thorough support work hand-in-hand with our LMS.

Demo Server

Our demo [Moodle] server features a custom design many course types including SCORM courses and webinars, and is open to registrations. It was developed for our client Matrix Health, and features a variety of courses licensed for use by Matrix Health.

Open demo server